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Chronology in O.J. Simpson case

February 11, 1997

Key dates in the O.J. Simpson case:


June 12: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman knifed to death.

June 17: After Bronco chase, O.J. Simpson arrested and charged with murder.

July 20: Goldman’s mother files wrongful-death lawsuit.

July 22: Simpson pleads ``absolutely, 100 percent not guilty.″

Sept. 26: Jury selection in criminal case begins.


Jan. 24: Opening statements begin.

May 4: Goldman family sues.

June 12: On anniversary of killings, Brown family sues.

Sept. 22: Defense and prosecution rest. Simpson tells judge: ``I did not, could not and would not have committed this crime.″

Oct. 2: After four hours of deliberation, jury (nine blacks, two whites, one Hispanic) reaches verdict. It is sealed.

Oct. 3: Simpson acquitted.


Sept. 18: Jury selection for civil trial begins.

Oct. 23: Opening statements begin. Jury has nine whites, one black, one Hispanic, one person of black and Asian ancestry.

Nov. 6: Photographer says he took picture of Simpson in 1993 wearing what appear to be Bruno Magli shoes of the sort worn by the killer.

Nov. 11: Pathologist says gouges on Simpson’s hands could have been caused by victims’ fingernails.

Nov. 19: Secretly taped conversations of Simpson and ex-wife played for jurors. Ms. Simpson says Simpson was ``animalistic.″

Nov. 22: Simpson testifies before a jury for first time. Denies killing Ms. Simpson and Goldman but can’t explain physical evidence against him.

Nov. 25: Simpson calls shoe picture a fraud, says he might have cut hand ``rassling″ with son.

Dec. 4: Volunteer at battered women’s shelter describes call from ``Nicole″ five days before Ms. Simpson’s slaying.

Dec. 5: Judge tells jurors to disregard shelter phone call testimony.

Dec. 9: Victim’s father, Fred Goldman, testifies. Plaintiffs rest.

Dec. 20: Orange County judge awards Simpson custody of children Sydney and Justin.


Jan. 6: Jury shown 30 more pictures of Simpson in Bruno Magli shoes.

Jan. 13: Simpson denies again he ever wore Bruno Maglis. Jury hears letter written by Ms. Simpson claiming Simpson ``beat the holy hell out of me.″

Jan. 16: Both sides rest after 101 witnesses and 41 days of testimony.

Jan. 21: Plaintiffs’ closing arguments. Attorney Daniel Petrocelli points at Simpson and says: ``There’s a killer in this courtroom.″

Jan. 22: Defense closing arguments. Attorney Robert Baker says: ``It’s law enforcement vs. O.J. Simpson.″

Jan. 31: Removal of the juror in Seat 7, a black woman in her 60s. (Jury now nine whites, one Hispanic, one Asian and one person of Asian and black heritage.)

Feb. 4: Jury finds Simpson liable in slayings; awards $8.5 million in compensatory damages.

Feb. 6: Punitive phase begins. Defense claims Simpson is $9.3 million in debt; plaintiffs claim he is worth $15.7 million.

Feb. 7: Final witnesses and closing arguments in punitive damage phase.

Feb. 10: Jury awards Goldman’s parents $12.5 million and Ms. Simpson’s children $12.5 million.

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