Joe Thomas: Democrats and the wall

January 11, 2019

Editor: I’m writing in response to the letter entitled “The real reason Democrats don’t want a border wall.” Nothing better than a Republican to explain what Democrats want or don’t want, I suppose. I’m a Democrat, so please allow me to speak of the reasons Democrats don’t want a wall.

1. We love walls, my house is full of them, but my walls don’t seem to keep the burglars out. So, I have a sensor alarm, and cameras for that.

Border walls are antiquated, people can climb over, dig under, fly drones over, etc.

Also, Democrats understand that you cant run walls on all of the varying topographies that exist across the thousands of miles that are in question. Democrats understand the difference between walls and border security, and we too consider border security a priority. What we don’t want is to pay for a 5 billion dollar laughable wall, that King Trump can pacify his ever shrinking core supporters. Democrats still remember when Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall? What happened to that idea?

Joe Thomas

Lake Havasu City

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