Vos should cooperate with Evers -- Scott Whitney

November 12, 2018

I was disappointed, though not surprised, to read that after Gov.-elect Tony Evers extended an offer to work in a bipartisan way with Republicans, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, responded a few hours later with talk about trying to reduce the power of the governor.

The only thing more transparent than this partisan power grab was the excuse given that boiled down to “we coincidentally just realized that the governor has too much power and we have to correct that mistake.”

Here’s a novel idea for Republicans in general and Speaker Vos in particular: Maybe you should respect the decision of the voters, not try to change the rules just because you don’t like the outcome, and accept the offer to at least try to restore some semblance of bipartisanship to our state.

I’ve heard politicians say they want Wisconsin to set an example for the rest of the country. Demonstrating that both sides can work together, especially given the divisions that currently exist, would be the best example possible.

Scott Whitney, Platteville

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