MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Hot ash rained on the outskirts of Mexico City when snow-capped Popocatepetl volcano erupted for the second time in two weeks, spewing glowing rock and smoke into the air.

The 18,000-foot volcano settled down 90 seconds after erupting Thursday evening, and there were no reports of injuries or damage, officials told the government news service Notimex.

Ash fell on nearby communities, and Notimex said the roar of the eruption shook windows and doors of houses. Authorities said the eruption was accompanied by a magnitude-3.5 earthquake.

The volcano 45 miles southeast of Mexico City last erupted on Dec. 24.

Government Ministry official Ricardo Garcia Villalobos was quoted by Notimex as saying the smoke from the most recent blast rose two miles into the sky.

He said the blast was smaller than the June 30 eruption that shot a 40,000-foot plume of ash into the air, the biggest exhalation since 1925. It coated Mexico City in ash, causing massive traffic jams.

Popocatepetl _ which means ``smoking mountain'' in the language of the ancient Aztecs _ had been quiet for 70 years until periodic eruptions began in 1994.