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Guevara Wedding Certificate Missing

February 17, 1999

TOLUCA, Mexico (AP) _ The original marriage certificate of revolutionary Ernesto ``Che″ Guevara’s first wedding was stolen from the records of a city near the Mexican capital in August.

Maria Teresa Dorantes told reporters Tuesday that an anonymous telephone caller alerted her to the document’s disappearance. She said it apparently was removed from a file in the Cuautitlan municipality, just north of Mexico City, on Aug. 11.

Officials in Mexico state ``have not made any advance in the investigation,″ she said.

Guevara was working intermittently at a Mexico City hospital when he married Hilda Gadea of Peru on Aug. 18, 1955.

While in Mexico, the Argentine physician also worked as a free-lance photographer and met a group of Cuban exiles led by a young attorney, Fidel Castro, who was planning to return to the island to try to topple dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Guevara later divorced Gadea and remarried in Cuba.

Guevara fought alongside Castro in the Cuban revolution in the late 1950s and later fomented rebellion in Bolivia, where he was killed in 1967.