Recent Letters Require Rebuttal

September 23, 2018

Editor: There were two recent letters in The Citizens’ Voice that require a rebuttal. One expressed an opinion that Sen. Bob Casey should resign due to his statement that he will vote against any candidate for the Supreme Court that the current president nominated (Sept. 4). I don’t recall hearing similar statements from Republicans when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to allow hearings for Merrick Garland in 2016. But Kavanaugh’s treatment of Fred Guttenberg, father of Jamie Guttenberg, who was murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School, speaks volumes for Kavanaugh’s attitude on reasonable gun laws. I for one will be voting for Sen. Casey. The other letter was in reference to New Jersey candidate John Chrin (Sept. 5). It is important to me that my representative has lived in the district long enough to know what the concerns of his constituents are. Rep. Matt Cartwright has been a breath of fresh air since the Republican-gerrymandered map was thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. With all the negative ads and bullying attitude of the Republican Party we need people who will stand up for the lower and middle class and retired citizens dependent on Social Security and as far as I can see the Democratic Party fits that description. Patrick Smith HANOVER TWP.

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