On his way to Norfolk

September 18, 2018

Phil McCarthy — the 1986 Norfolk Catholic graduate who is running across the country in an effort to set a new mark in the Guinness Book of World Records — has reached North Central Nebraska.

He left Long Pine on Monday morning and is headed toward Norfolk as part of his transcontinental run of the United States that began in San Francisco on Aug. 21.

Long Pine is about 130 miles from Norfolk. Given the pace that McCarthy, who is a trained and accomplished long-distance runner, has maintained throughout the run so far, he could reach Norfolk on Tuesday.

His goal is to finish the entire run at city hall in New York City in less than 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes.

McCarthy’s father, Tom, still lives in Norfolk, and he has other family members who still live in the area, as well.

Interested individuals can follow McCarthy live online as he pursues his quest of breaking the world record by visiting https://bit.ly/2COKNP0 and clicking on the “live” link.

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