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Harrison Ford Tours Rainforest

February 12, 2000

ANTIGUA, Guatemala (AP) _ Harrison Ford traipsed through the Guatemalan rainforest Saturday, not in search of the lost treasures he sought in the ``Indian Jones″ movies, but to see some of the jungle he has crusaded to preserve.

``He didn’t come as an actor but as a conservationist worried about how to resolve the world’s environmental problem,″ said Harolod Castro, a spokesman for the International Conservation Congress, which hosted Ford’s tour of the Tiger Lagoon National Park.

As Ford, 58, walked through foliage that could have served as a backdrop to one of his adventure films, glaring signs of illegal poaching and slash and burn campaigns were also present.

He is an avid environmentalist who has donated millions to wildlife conservation projects in 30 countries.

Ford was joined by hundreds of environmental leaders who attended a series of lectures on the illegal invasion of hunters and housing developers into Guatemala’s protected natural parks, which were organized by the International Conservation Congress.

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