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Texas Man Accused of Aiding Ambush

October 15, 1999

PLEASANTON, Texas (AP) _ A housemate of the man who ambushed officers earlier this week, killing three before killing himself, was arrested today on charges he helped the man plan and carry out the attack.

Kenneth Vodochodsky, 19, was booked into the Atascosa County Jail early today, Department of Public Safety spokesman Tela Mange said. He was charged with three counts of capital murder and two of attempted capital murder.

Officials said Jeremiah Engleton, 21, who had been jailed early Tuesday for beating his wife, made a bogus 911 call later that day and then ambushed officers one by one as they arrived outside Vodochodsky’s trailer home on the edge of Pleasanton. Three were killed and two others wounded.

Engleton held 75 officers off for two more hours before shooting himself as they closed in, authorities said.

Investigators found evidence that Vodochodsky took ``an active role in planning and carrying out the attack,″ Ms. Mange said. She had no detail on what officers think his precise role was.

Vodochodsky had told reporters Thursday that Engleton, his wife and two children had lived in Vodochodsky’s trailer for the past six months with him and his family. He said he and Engleton worked together on a construction job.

Vodochodsky said Engleton had been upset because he believed his wife had had an affair, but ``I didn’t think that he’d do this.″

The officers who were killed were Atascosa County sheriff’s deputies Thomas Monse, 31, and Mark Stephenson, 31, and Department of Public Safety trooper Terry Miller, 37.

Sheriff Tommy Williams had speculated Thursday that Engleton may have been angry at officers for jailing him after he beat his wife. When he got out of jail, she wasn’t home because a family violence counselor had persuaded her to leave.

Police found photographs of his wife in the trash.

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