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Driver, Passenger Killed; Third Person Wounded

July 24, 1989

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) _ A bus driver and passenger were shot to death Sunday afternoon by a gunman who made his getaway by critically wounding a motorist, then taking the man’s car, police said.

The shootings occurred around 1:30 p.m. in front of a busy supermarket in downtown Hollywood, across the street from the city’s Greyhound Bus Station.

Sidney Granger, a 43-year-old driver for the Broward County Transit Authority, and a passenger on the transit bus were killed, said police spokeswoman Joycelyn Alston.

A search was under way for the gunman.

″We don’t have a motive,″ Ms. Alston said. ″We don’t understand why this happened.″

Using what police believed to be an automatic weapon, the gunman boarded the bus when it stopped at a transfer station, shot the driver and sprayed bullets into the back of the bus, hitting and killing a passenger, Ms. Alston said. It was not immediately known how many people were on the bus.

A bus passenger said all appeared normal until the shots rang out.

″He had a bottle of wine in his hand and I saw him get up and get ready to get on the bus,″ said Devin Oppy. ″Other people got on the bus and some others got off, and as soon as all that was over the guy just raised his arm and pow, pow, pow 3/8″

The gunman left the bus, walked through the Publix Supermarket parking lot and accosted the driver of a car slowing for a stoplight, said police Lt. R.H. Banks. The man banged his gun on the car window, ordered the driver out and shot him three times, twice in the back, as the motorist got out, Banks said.

As the gunman drove off, a 16-year-old service station attendant called for help, then tried to follow the man in his car. The teen-ager said he gave up the chase after a few blocks because the man was driving too fast. The attendant asked that his name not be made public.

The wounded driver, identified as 31-year-old tourist Scott Yaguda of Alexandria, Va., was listed in critical condition at Hollywood Memorial Hospital with gunshot wounds to his back and legs. The dead passenger was not immediately identified.

The gunman was described by witnesses as white, about 30 years old, having dark hair in a pony tail and wearing a red plaid shirt and blue jeans, Ms. Alston said.

Investigators examined the bus and the bodies on board as weeping relatives of the bus driver stood on a nearby sidewalk.

Bus passenger Luc Laurent, 43, of nearby Pompano Beach said he was dozing when the vehicle pulled into the transfer station.

″I woke up and heard the shots,″ said Laurent. ″I saw two guys on the floor, and everybody was getting off.″

After the shooting, the gunman ″didn’t say anything,″ Laurent said. He said the man didn’t ask for money or anything else.

Hollywood is a suburb north of Miami.

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