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House Panel Cuts Out Money For Towns That Never Asked For It

February 24, 1995

WASHINGTON (AP) _ New Jersey has five tiny communities called Mount Pleasant. Two of them are on the state map, and one had $3.2 million in federal money coming from this year’s budget.

But none asked for it, and now lawmakers in a House Appropriations subcommittee have voted to cut the money mysteriously earmarked for wastewater facilities improvements in ``Mt. Pleasant, N.J.″

Donna Mullins, who worked for the late Rep. Dean Gallo, R-N.J., when he served on the Appropriations Committee, said Gallo’s staff noticed the error last year, and nobody in the state delegation could say who originated the request.

Mullins _ now spokeswoman for Gallo’s Republican successor, Rodney Frelinghuysen _ said the then-Democratic-controlled committee staff ignored them when they said none of the five needed to improve wastewater infrastructure.

``We were told to mind our own business,″ Mullins said Friday. ``Since then, no one has claimed it.″

``We didn’t ask for $3 million. I would have remembered that,″ said Ellen Kluber, clerk for Hunterdon County’s Alexandria Township, which takes in one of the Mount Pleasants.

With a laugh, Kluber said, ``Find something else, maybe we’ll take it.″

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