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Ideology tops facts in Texas history curriculum, experts say

February 22, 2018

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — When Texas produced public school curriculum standards eight years ago, experts decried attempts to promote religious and conservative ideology over facts.

They faulted lessons downplaying slavery as the Civil War’s cause, exaggerating the influence of Moses on U.S. democracy and applauding the National Rifle Association and New Gingrich’s Contract With America.

As the country’s second-largest state again begins revising what its 5.3-plus million students are taught, a group of academics has produced a report highlighting problems with the 2010 standards — and ways to fix them.

But it isn’t optimistic the Republican-controlled Board of Education will be willing.

Presented Thursday, the report was commissioned by a left-leaning advocacy group. But its authors — university professors and instructors — say they are suggesting factual corrections without bias.

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