Judge approves immunity for Manafort witnesses: A.M. News Links

July 24, 2018

Judge approves immunity for Manafort witnesses: A.M. News Links

Featured stories

Judge approves Mueller request to grant immunity for witnesses in Manafort trial (The Hill)

Prosecutors have at least 12 recordings by Trump lawyer Cohen (Reuters)

Trump wants to remove security clearances of former intel chiefs (ABC News)

U.S. says 463 migrant parents may have been deported without kids (Reuters)

Greece wildfires: ‘At least 50’ killed near Athens as residents and tourists forced to flee into the sea (The Telegraph)

National news

DHS: Russian hackers got into control rooms of U.S. utilities (The Hill)

EPA reportedly will block increase in fuel efficiency standards for autos, revoke California’s authority over tailpipe emissions (CNBC)

Accidentally released emails show Trump administration officials dismissed benefits of national monuments (Washington Post)

Extreme weather wallops both coasts with flooding, scorching heat, wildfires (CBS News)

3,500 structures at risk as wildfire rages near Yosemite National Park and temperatures soar (USA Today)

Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law under scrutiny after father killed over parking spot (NBC News)

Duck boat that sank in deadly accident raised from Missouri lake (Associated Press)

Mom killed, 2 daughters injured in house collapse in Hamilton (NJ.com)

Police called on black man opening his own business (CNN)

Geologists say the Hawaii volcano eruption could last for months, or even years (CNN)

Stormy Daniels’ husband sues her for divorce in Texas (CNBC)

World news

Iran shoots back at Trump: ‘Color us unimpressed’ (CNN)

Report says images indicate North Korea is dismantling missile engine testing facilities (Reuters)

Toronto shooting suspect identified as Faisal Hussain, family says he had ‘severe mental health challenges’ (Fox News)

Dozens die in Japan’s record heat wave, UK has hottest day of the year (ABC News)

Indonesian teenager raped by brother jailed for abortion (CNN)

Protesters in Nicaragua demand Ortega’s ouster as fears of civil war rise (CBS News)

Malta PM and wife cleared over corruption scandal at heart of murdered journalist’s claims (The Telegraph)

Pakistan election raises fears of ‘creeping coup’ (BBC)

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