GOP should have stood up to Vos -- Diana Vance

January 4, 2019

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, told legislators he wanted to pass bills that took power from the governor and the attorney general.

So in a lame-duck session, they curbed the power of the incoming governor. When Speaker Vos did this, he made it clear our vote did not matter anymore. I pinched myself to know I wasn’t in Russia.

Speaker Vos claimed the bills were to restore a balance of power between the governor and the Legislature. We need to remember Speaker Vos had previously voted to expand the power of the governor.

Vos also said he wanted to prevent the incoming Democratic administration from fulfilling its campaign promises. Because the lame-duck session went into the wee hours of the morning, I suspect Vos had to do a lot of arm twisting. The pressure must have been enormous.

Republicans killed democracy because they lacked the courage to stand up to Vos. Gerrymandering put these people in power. If Democrats did this, there would be outrage.

Diana Vance, Monroe

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