Blueprint Nebraska holds town hall in Norfolk

December 22, 2018

NORFOLK - Members of Blueprint Nebraska, a new citizen-led, statewide economic development initiative held a town hall in Norfolk Wednesday afternoon.

It was held to gather input for a comprehensive and pro-active plan to stimulate the state’s economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity, while building on Nebraska’s numerous strengths.

Guest speaker and Executive Director of the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District Tom Higginbotham spoke about some weaknesses that need to be addressed.

“The number one thing I’ve been hearing recently is the lack of affordable housing. Number two is the lack of workforce. And one other potential solution to the lack of workforce is the retention of youth. We hear that a lot from our communities and our partners.”

Another guest speaker and Executive Vice President of Norfolk Iron and Metal Arnie Robinson said it will be up to the towns around the state to execute what Blueprint Nebraska puts together.

Executive Director Jim Smith said in Spring 2019, Blueprint Nebraska will issue a comprehensive report that will recommend five or six areas that it believes Nebraskans must focus on in order to achieve the ultimate goal of long-lasting economic prosperity for everyone.

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