She said ‘Yes!’ to proposal at Christmas tree lighting

December 18, 2018

Logan Blair received the surprise of her young life. A trip to see the Dayton Christmas Light Parade and Nutcracker Market turned into a life-changing moment.

Her sneaky fiancé Tyler Billings had some big plans in mind.

Following their Thanksgiving holiday, their families decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping and take advantage of Black Friday prices.

While shopping, and unbeknownst to Logan, Tyler and his mom Jennifer Billings broke away from the group under the ruse of taking packages back to the car, but really to go and pick up the engagement ring.

Logan was being distracted by Tyler’s dad who took her into other stores and for some coffee.

His original plan was to propose to her on that weekend but decided it would be too cool to do it on the grounds of the Dayton Community Center at the annual lighting of the Christmas tree the following weekend.

Then the day came.

“Everyone knew but her,” he smiled with a scheming grin.

Her family was here from out of town.

It wasn’t unusual for them to be here to visit because they do it on a regular basis and that didn’t tip her off for even a second.

“It was kind of like a normal weekend with her family coming down,” Tyler said. “She went and had her nails done with her mom. Everything was normal. She just thought everyone was there to see my year-and-a-half old son in the Christmas parade,” he said.

After the parade, their brood of about 30 family members gathered near the tree and enjoyed the lighting of the tree.

Following the lighting, Tyler took Logan by the hand and led her closer to the tree. As the family gathered around them, he knelt and proposed to her.

The setting couldn’t have been more romantic, and the good news for Tyler is she said “Yes!”

There were lots of congratulations, hugs, and a little teasing of Tyler that it was about time he had put a ring on her finger after six years of dating.

“I just wanted to be able to put the right ring on her finger,” he said about his wait.

They haven’t set a date just yet, but he figured it would be next year sometime.

He’s already bought a home for the couple and after some shopping at the Nutcracker Market, they headed back to the new house to start doing some decorating and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.


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