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Pillsbury to Sell Low-Fat Brownie Mix Under Nabisco’s SnackWell Name

December 14, 1995

NEW YORK (AP) _ The Pillsbury dough boy has a new partner to help sell America his latest low-fat baking mixes.

Pillsbury Co. said today it has signed an agreement to introduce a line of mixes using the name SnackWell, Nabisco Inc.’s popular brand of low-fat snacks. It’s the first time the 3-year-old SnackWell name will appear in the baking section.

The first product will be SnackWell’s Low Fat Fudge Brownie Mix from Pillsbury, which is due to hit grocery shelves in February. Pillsbury will make the mix and pay a royalty on sales to Nabisco.

SnackWell’s cookies, crackers, breakfast bars, yogurts and puddings now rake in about $500 million in sales each year, a major success story for a brand that is just three years old.

Consumers crazed about lowering their weight first started buying low-fat snacks several years ago, but repeat sales were weak because they just didn’t taste that good.

Pillsbury has had a line of low-fat mixes since 1991, but has improved on their taste by altering its formula of flour, sugar and cocoa, said spokesman Rob Longendyke.

Brownies made from the new mix will have about 2.5 grams of fat per brownie, less than the 3.0 to 3.5 grams in Pillsbury’s earlier line, which will be discontinued, said Longendyke. The government says 2.5 grams is about 4 percent of the recommended fat in a daily diet.

SnackWell brownies will have the same amount of sugar as the old brand _ 20 grams, or 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of carbohydrates, said Longendyke.

For Nabisco, this is the second licensing deal this fall. In September, it bought the right to use ConAgra Inc.’s Healthy Choice brand for a new line of cookies and snacks. Nabisco will make, market and distribute the new Healthy Choice cookies and snacks, and pay a royalty to ConAgra based on sales.

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