Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Jan. 5, 2019

January 5, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 24

Warranty deeds

Gentle Ridge Inc. to Stephen A. and Joan Hermes, two parcels on East Lincolnway in Sterling, $12,000.

Steven G. and Robin L. Paulline to Stacy L. Sikkema, 928 Fifth Ave., Fulton, $239,000.

Clarence J. Summerfield heirs, Tami Vandeslunt, Andrew and Lukas Pounders, Vickey Solner, Linda Bryce, Billie J. Summerfield Stellato, and Kimberly Hanson to Steven R. and Susan M. Kested, 1711 French St., Rock Falls, $63,000.

Fulton Retail Development Group Inc. to David E. James, 1107 Fourth St., Fulton, $168,000.

Industrial Development Commission Rock Falls to Zesty Meatloaf LLC, two parcels at 200 E. Second St., Rock Falls, $500,000.

Gregory S. Fullman to Felipe Ramos Martinez, 403 Seventh Ave, Sterling, $45,000.

Loni M. Ulve, formerly Croft, to Secilia Y. Gonzales and Victor J. Medrano, 204 W. 10th St., Sterling, $87,000.

Chester J. Boelkins to Andrew J. Damhoff, 17052 Diamond Road, Fulton, $44,046.

Harold Elden Crandall Estate, Pamala Jo Crandall, Diana L. Verkruysse, Dale E. Crandall, Gail A. Carrillo, Douglas E., Jason A., and Brandon E. Crandall to Mary Jane Rosenow, 606 Rita Court, Prophetstown, $152,000.

Antonia D. Trujillo, Theresa A. Milne, Regina Sikora, Carmel Miller and Mark T. Trujillo, to Rodney E. Kuepker, 212 W. 21st St., Rock Falls, $18,000.

Noel E. and P. Sue Feather to Heath and Beth Warner, two parcels at Hubbard Road in Sterling, $28,000.

Ronald and Chrystal L. Gregory to Justin L. and Anna M. Tate, 9565 Fenton Road, Fenton, $114,500.

Robert A. and Elizabeth V. Whittaker to Ryan P. Reyes, 1407 Ave. F, Sterling, $128,000.

Phillip G. Pyron Estate to Carmen Delia and Julio Joseph Lopez, 903 Third Ave., Sterling, $13,000.

Sheila Thompson, Laurie Boock, and Kevin Dykstra to Debra J. Hill, 1106 Sixth Ave., Fulton, $125,000.

First Trust & Savings Bank to Robert A. Kehl Trust, 1004 Cherry St., Albany, $90,000.

Quit claim deeds

Nicholas and Jericho Heid Trust to Jekyll Properties LLC, 19670 Waller Road, Fulton, $0.

Joshua Allen Mitchell to Amy Lynn Mitchell, 12670 Frog Pond Road, Fulton, $0.

U.S. Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 513 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

June M. Durschmid Trust to Mark W. Durschmid, 10768 Yager Road, Lyndon, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Dorthy J. Forbes Trust to Thomas P. and Michelle L. Virtue, 1602 29th Place, Sterling, $132,000.

Barton J. Besse Trust to Elmer and Brandolyn M. Crampton, 2309 River Road, Erie, $80,000.


James H. and Diane J. Gosstrom to First State Bank, 611 Fifth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Lucas J. Bonnette to Cornerstone Credit Union, 725 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 24

Warranty deeds

U.S. Bank to Alinda and James Canterbury, 846 N. Dement Ave., Dixon, $50,250.

Ryan C. Gould to Brittany L. Walter, 222 N. Davis Ave., Amboy, $113,500.

Ramona A. Reglin to Andrew Richard and Kassandra Jean McKay, 116 Ashland Ave., Dixon, $67,500.

Anna Bida-Dudun to Rebecca L. and Thomas M. Demmer, 142 Fieldstone Lane, Dixon, $245,000.

Clarene E. and Gloria G. Sarver to DY Holdings LLC, 138 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $56,000.

Quit claim deeds

Andrew John White Jr. to Angela Kay and Mark Alan McLane, 310 E. Lincoln Ave., Franklin Grove, $0.

Alan E. Albrecht to Lane E. Albrecht and Lynette E. Burch, one parcel in Ashton Township, $0.

Jennell M. Spoor to Jennell M. Spoor and Steven L. Thomas, 719 Crawford Ave., Dixon, $0.

Kenneth J. Novak to Perichoresis LLC-124, 124 N. Jones St., Amboy, $35,000.

Trustee’s deeds

Burkey Irrevocable Trust, Ann L. and Thomas E. Brezinski, trustees, to Thomas E. Brezinski Living Trust, Ann L. Burkey Brezinski and Thomas E. Brezinski, trustees, one parcel in Hamilton Township, $0.

Joint declaration of trust, Thomas E. Egger and Katlheen G. Grozis, co-trustees, to Renae L. and Shawn E. Petritsch, one parcel on Woodlawn Road in Lee, $55,000.

Executor’s deeds

Estate or Richard W. Hann, Thomas R. and Kathy J. Hann, independent co-executors, to Brian L. and Jaime L. Shafer, 1597 McGirr Road, Franklin Grove, $140,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

Lee County sheriff and Kevin Propheter to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1932 Hidden Shores Drive, Dixon, $0.

Lee County sheriff and Steven M. Brown to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 135 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $0.

Lee County sheriff and Mark A. Wolber to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., 720 S. Jefferson Ave., Dixon, $0.

Administrator’s deed

Estate of Mary L. Nepil, Thomas James, independent administrator, to Alexis L. Nicklaus, 410 W. Eighth St., Dixon, $45,000.

Transfer on death instrument

Virginia M. Eckhart to Janet J. Eckhart, 1204 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $0.

Memo of sale

Patricia M. Emmole to Matthew L. Emmole, 1123 Palmyra St., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded Dec. 21-27

Warranty transfers

Max Baumgardner to James A. Warner and Linda J. Robertson, 8986 S. Lowden Road, Taylor Township, $295,000.

Max Baumgardner to The Nature Conservancy, 8986 S. Lowden Road, Taylor Township, $261,330.

Lucas S. Gelander to Seth B. and Cynthia L. Gelander, 4402 S. Chana Road, Pine Rock Township, $25,000.

Brent M. and Charlene M. Adamson to Melinda L. Birdwell, 201 Clark St., Monroe Center, $125,000.

Old Sandstone LLC to Ah-Ha Enterprises Inc., 124 S. Wesley Ave., Mount Morris, $45,000.

Ross W. and Jean M. Konrad to Kenneth A. and Cayla E. Skoli, 313 W. Margaret Fuller Road, Rockvale Township, $145,000.

Terry J. Dearborn to Kent A. Dearborn Jr., 17944 W. Young St., Brookville Township, $33,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 207 E. North St., Creston.

B&S Holdings LLC to Bryan A. Wills, trustee of Bryan A. Wills Revocable Trust, and Stacy F. Wills as trustee of Stacy F. Wills Revocable Trust, 284 Rocky Hollow Road, Pine Rock Township.

Brian J. Ross to Stacy M. Bryant and Michael A. Baker, 106 W. Balsam St., Forreston, $38,000.

Gary S. and Lori S. Smith to Sharon J. Bourdon, 1012 Illinois St., Oregon, $220,000.

Larry Wilson to Miranda M. Coblentz and Patricia A. Krueger, 204 Seminary St., Mount Morris, $45,000.

Quit claim deeds

Jacob H. Lewis to Judith L. Knilans and Joy L. Kruse, co-successor trustees of John C. Dirksen and Shirley L. Dirksen Trust, 804 S. Fourth St., Oregon.

Alan Albrecht to Lane E. Albrecht, three parcels in Flagg Township.

Alan Albrecht to Lynnette E. Burch, three parcels in Flagg Township.

Pioquinto Govea to Govea Properties LLC Series 5, 113 W. Main St., Stillman Valley.

Bank of New York Mellon, successor in interest to J. P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A., trustee for Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust, to Morgan Tate & Brewer LLC, 111 Sunnyhill Drive, Davis Junction.

Amanda K. Shank to Scott Shank, 1302 Marijon Drive, Byron Township.

Courtney L. Imel, sole heir at law of the late Linda K. Snapp, to Courtney L. and Mandy M. Imel, 431 Williams Drive, Oregon-Nashua Township.

Todd H. Branham and Amandah B. LeBray to American Freedom Enterprises Inc., 210 West St., Monroe Center.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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