Weld County Dispatchers Can Now More Accurately Locate Mobile Callers

January 22, 2019

When someone uses a mobile phone to call public safety in Weld County, dispatchers will now be able to locate the caller within 30 to 60 feet of his or her exact location.

Using RapidLite, a browser-based software, dispatchers can access a mobile caller’s location simply by entering his or her phone number, according to a news release from the Office of the Board of Commissioners. Residents who use Android smartphones or iPhones with iOS 12 or above can be found, as long as they have turned on their location services.

Previously, dispatchers in the Public Safety Communications Department would use cell tower triangulation to determine a location within 3 to 10 miles in accuracy.

“This technology is not only helping our residents but also our dispatchers,” said Mike Wallace, director of public safety communications with Weld County, in the release. “It is enhancing the way our department runs and allows mobile callers to be located faster and more precisely during an emergency.”

For now, the department can use RapidLite for free. Its parent software company, RapidSOS, has developed a version of the program that integrates with phone systems and would eliminate the step of entering phone numbers manually. The location would simply come up automatically, according to Jennifer Finch, Weld County Communications director.

That integrative version doesn’t yet work with every phone system. Once it can work with Weld County’s system, RapidLite will present a one-time cost to Weld County, Finch said. It’s not known when that would be, or how much RapidLite would request.

Madeline St. Amour: 303-684-5212, mstamour@prairiemountainmedia.com

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