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Leaders To Consider Reforms In Selections For Government Posts

December 9, 1987

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) _ The ruling Communist Party decided Tuesday to confer with an organization led by one of its reform advocates before considering candidates for government posts.

At a one-day meeting, the Central Committee also decided to hold a Communist Party national conference next year, the official MTI news agency reported.

It said the confeence would focus on ″topical questions of socialist construction.″

Hungary has a stagnating economy and one of the highest per-capita foreign debts in Eastern Europe. An austerity program adopted in September is to be implemented in January.

Although the Communist leadership has declared the party will remain the guiding force in society and politics, party ideologist Janos Berecz has said the it needs broader support.

MTI said the party would meet with the Patriotic People’s Front and recommend candidates for government posts in line with ″the government’s reorganization.″

The front, an umbrella organization that includes not only party members but also intellectual groups and trade union representatives, is led by Imre Pozsgay, one of the party’s leading reform advocates. He has sought a larger role for his organization in government decisions.

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