LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A sport utility vehicle crashed into a crowded pool hall near the UCLA campus Wednesday night, killing one person and critically injuring three, including the driver.

Witnesses said the driver was slumped over the wheel as the vehicle rear-ended another car at a nearby intersection, then accelerated rapidly, shoving the car aside, hitting a tree and roaring over the curb and into the front of Q's Billiard Club.

When the vehicle finally stopped, it was entirely inside the pool hall's front bar and restaurant area, and the floor was covered with shattered glass and splintered wood.

A man on the sidewalk outside the pool hall died after the vehicle hit him, Sgt. Steve Foster said. Six people were taken to hospitals.

The driver was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where he remained unconscious late Wednesday. A preliminary evaluation indicated he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Foster said.

``It's hard to say what happened, whether it was road rage or what,'' Foster said. ``We have no idea what really happened at this point.''

He said detectives would take over the investigation.

Witnesses described a shocking, surreal scene as flying glass, shards of wood and cries of pain filled the air.

``All of a sudden the car crashed in ... we all sort of covered up and we got rained on by glass for about 20 seconds, and then we could just see all the people who were hurt,'' bar patron Russell Muth said.

``I didn't think I was seeing what I was actually seeing,'' said Tony Fortay, another witness.