Holly Hall community sets Book Review Series

August 17, 2018

The Holly Hall Book Review Series is a longstanding tradition and fundraiser for Holly Hall Retirement Community. The very first book review was held in 1949 as one of many fundraisers held in the Houston area to fund the initial building of Holly Hall. In 1950, the Houston Council of Church Women announced the second annual Book Review Series, to be held at the Tower Theatre, with Ermance Rejebian as the speaker.

Today, the Book Review Series is held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church four times each year and features a speaker from Dallas who gives an entertaining synopsis of a book.

Typically, the featured books are best sellers or biographies. Guests enjoy an hour of entertainment without the pressure of reading the book beforehand. Many attendees state that they plan to read the book following the review. Proceeds from ticket sales are used to defray the cost of living for those residents who can no longer afford the full amount of their care.

The 68th season of the review will kick off with Texas’ famed storyteller, Rose-Mary Rumbley, reviewing The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolf. Rumbley is a must-see entertainer and her review is sure to give attendees a laugh.

Season sponsor, Blue Willow Bookshop, will have a pop-up shop at each review this season featuring the books to be reviewed along with recommended reading from each reviewer.

Tickets start at $12 and can be purchased at the door.

For more information on the Holly Hall Book Review, visit www.hollyhall.org/events or call 281-936-2850.

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