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Elderly Library Scofflaw Spends Night In Jail

March 31, 1989

ROSELLE, N.J. (AP) _ This town takes literature seriously.

Alfonso Grundy, 68, found out how seriously when he was arrested and jailed overnight for failing to pay $156 in overdue library book fees.

Grundy failed to appear to pay the fines and was charged with contempt of court, said Lt. Richard Connallon.

He was arrested Wednesday in the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth, where he was assisting a relative in an unrelated court matter.

″If you take a book out of the library, and if you don’t bring it back by a certain time they assess a late fee,″ Connallon said. ″If you ignore them and then ignore a court summons, you’re in contempt of court.″

Grundy was held on $300 cash bail overnight; he was released Thursday after friends and relatives paid his fines.

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