Trump Must Clarify Misconceptions

August 29, 2018

Editor: Poor President Trump. Imagine how difficult it must be dealing with so many “low IQ” people and so many “disgraceful, disgusting enemies of the people.” Fortunately, the only person who would ever be able to keep so many “alternative facts “ straight because he alone is a “stable genius” is Trump himself. For example,there is the Stormy Daniels story. Trump denied knowing anything about it. He clearly told reporters that Michael Cohen, his lawyer, was the only person who could answer their questions. But then Cohen said that a certain someone was in on the whole plot to hide the story prior to the election. In fact, when Cohen was finished disclosing the whole seamy story, he identified someone referred to as “Individual-1” and a “presidential candidate” as an unidentified co-conspirator. Clearly, no one could possibly imagine that reference was to Trump. Unless, of course, they were some of those low-IQ, disgusting, enemies of the people. Trump needs to clarify a lot of these misconceptions for the American electorate. Perhaps, most importantly, which hunt is the witch hunt? The one where truth is not truth or the one where,it would be so unfortunate for the Trump Regime, truth is truth? Andrea Glod WILKES-BARRE

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