‘Lore,’ filmed in Southeast Idaho, to hit Utah theater soon

September 2, 2018

“Lore,” a movie filmed in the Bear Lake Valley by two Los Angeles producers who have ties to the area, could make its debut on the big screen in Cache soon.

Brock Manwill, co-writer, co-director and co-producer of the film, informed The Herald Journal that “Lore” will play at a movie theater in Logan on Sept. 21.

“It’s the right time of year to get out and see a movie like this, leading into Halloween,” Manwill said. “I think people will find that they’re entertained and scared, but also maybe it will go a bit deeper than maybe your typical thriller will.”

Jeff Whipple, a spokesman for Megaplex Theatres, told The Herald Journal his organization is still working on a schedule for the film and does not yet have anything to announce.

Megaplex Theatres has two theaters in Cache Valley; one in Logan and another in Providence.

“Lore” is about a woman named Ann (Lyndsey Lantz) whose son, Eric (played by actors Derek Grange and Bryson Pitts), goes missing. With the help of her estranged husband, Rich (Max Lesser) and a friend (April Dunford), they set out to search for Eric.

The movie was mostly filmed in Southeast Idaho, mainly the city of Paris. Locations the cast and crew filmed included the Paris Ice Cave, Bloomington Lake, Harry’s Hollow, Minnetonka Market and the Paris Tabernacle.

Manwill and Christian Larsen co-wrote, directed and produced the film. The two men didn’t know each other growing up, but in their youth they went to Bear Lake. Manwill’s parents own a cabin in St. Charles, Idaho. Larsen would visit family in Preston and then head east to play in Bear Lake.

In a previous interview, Larsen said Southeast Idaho was an ideal place to film “Lore.”

“We knew the area would lend itself to incredible production value,” Larsen said. “The area just seemed to fit any number of stories we could throw at it. It was just an area that had never been explored in film before, either.”

“Lore” made its Idaho debut at the Centre Theatre in Montpelier in April. Since then, Manwill said, it has not played in any other theaters publicly because it’s been a competitor in two film festivals.

But Manwill added that a Cache Valley theater was always an ideal place to show “Lore” because of its proximity to where the movie was filmed.

“We’re really excited about Logan because it’s somewhere we always wanted it to play,” he said. “We feel that it’s something that will speak to the people of Logan.”

“Lore” is not the only locally produced movie to play in Cache Valley theaters this year. Utah State University student Matthew Havertz produced a movie, “Before Your Time,” that played at University Stadium 6 in Logan this past June.

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