Fitzgerald criticizes budget of governor

March 23, 2019

MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers’ education budget is a gift to liberal special interests, State Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau said this week.

“While Wisconsin Republicans have fought to give families more education choices, Gov. Evers is making life more difficult on families, leaving failing public schools,” he said.

“Parents should be able to pick whatever education opportunities best fit their family needs,” Fitzgerald said. “Time and again we’ve seen how Gov. Evers’ budget attacks school choice, private schools, and those who rely on anything outside of the public school system. The budget he introduced even raises the tax burden on families who send their students to private schools.”

Fitzgerald said the state needs to support an education system that works for everyone.

“The governor’s budget puts liberal special interests ahead of Wisconsin families,” Fitzgerald said. “Republicans will continue to support more education choices for families during the budget process.”

Evers’ budget contains provisions that will freeze enrollment in choice schools and suspend charter school expansion in Wisconsin. It could also raise the tax burden on families who choose private schools for their children.