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Bright and Brief

April 8, 1986

APPLETON, Wis. (AP) _ Gerald Voigt Sr. was a multimillionaire for a day. Or at least he thought he was.

Voigt, a security guard, stopped at the drive-in window at the F & M Bank of Appleton to deposit $500 Friday.

It was a routine transaction, and Voigt said it wasn’t until he got home that he looked at his deposit slip.

That’s when he saw the zeros.

″At first I thought it said $50,000,″ he said. Then he looked again. The deposit slip said $50,000,500.

″I’ve been having fun showing it to people all weekend,″ he said Monday.

But Daniel Weggel, assistant vice president of the bank, said the money didn’t actually go into Voigt’s account after unidentified teller accidentally punched the wrong numbers. ″It showed up at the end of the day, and we sent him a corrected receipt.″

Easy come, easy go.


RACINE, Wis. (AP) - The crew of the aircraft carrier USS America has been doing more than keeping an eye on Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy.

According to Edward LaPlante of Racine, the crew has written ″The Khadafy Shuffle,″ a spoof of the Chicago Bear’s ″Super Bowl Shuffle.″

″If the Super Bowl champs can have a shuffle, so can the Navy,″ LaPlante wrote his mother, Joanne Tamblingson, from the carrier which was among those on maneuvers near the Gulf of Sidra March 24 when there was a confrontation between U.S. and Libyan forces.

LaPlante wrote that ″The Khadafy Shuffle″ goes like this:

″Khadafy you know we’re here alive and for real.

It’s not a game that you can steal.

We’ll be here as long as you stay on the shores of Sidra Bay.

You got 12 miles we cannot deny, to defend at will to stay alive.

Now we are not here to start any trouble, but power for peace is our only aim.

But look out Khadafy if you cause ... ’The Khadafy Shuffle.‴


OAK GROVE, Ore. (AP) - Mike Waldrop’s house has a builder seeing red - and just about every other color.

Waldrop has painted the back of his suburban Portland house in multicolored checks and laid down dark red wavy lines on the roof. Finishing touches include a 7-foot-tall drawing of a man with his pants down and his posterior exposed to the world.

Barry Larson says Waldrop is trying to make it impossible for him to sell the two-story house he’s building in the lot adjacent to Waldrop’s back yard.

Waldrop said he had no comment without checking with his attorney, but acknowledged that the problem began about a year ago when Larson’s Pineridge Development Inc. bought a vacant lot behind his home.

″He’d had complete privacy (in his back yard),″ Larson said Monday. The two-story house he’s putting up has an unobstructed view of Waldrop’s yard.

Larson said there were discussions about putting in trees or hedges to restore Waldrop’s privacy, but those talks broke down.

Larson said he was considering taking his complaint to the county, but David Anderson, assistant county counsel, said Waldrop is not violating any laws.

″We don’t have an ordinance against ugly,″ Larson said.