Trump is willing to grow and change

August 19, 2018

When I saw Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, I loved what he was doing. He bullied the bullies. He wasn’t bound by protocol, and it was a treat to watch. I can hardly imagine how anybody wouldn’t enjoy seeing that. But I bought into the media blitz. I just kept sucking up what I was being fed. I saw who he was early on, which was not so wonderful — and he changed, but I didn’t see it. He is not who we are told he is; he is not the heartless imbecile he is portrayed as being. He is extremely intelligent and wants the best for all Americans.

He’s an easy target — because he is a vulnerable human being who is working on big things, getting some things wrong and changing course. He is doing good things. He is willing to grow and change, even if it makes him look foolish. That takes real character.

Pete Jacobson

Cedar Crest

Seems so wrong

What is wrong with Judge Sarah Backus that she allowed a $20,000 signature bond and house arrest for people who, the evidence suggests, could be both child abusers and murderers (“State: Boy died in ritual against ‘demonic spirits,’ ” Aug. 14)? Who cares if there’s a (broader) plan afoot or not? Even if there isn’t, it is clear these are very bad actors. Perhaps it is time to clean house in more branches of New Mexico government than one.

S.E. Fisher

Santa Fe

Grateful for Trump

Every article I read in the newspaper is extremely anti-Trump; so much so it’s mind-control. Where are the free thinkers? Look at the wondrous things he’s done for America. Allies with Russia, which is a really good thing. He’s made peace between North and South Korea. Our economy is building.

Remember, he was not a politician when he was elected. He’s learning how to be a politician. He’s learning so many things, and that is why he keeps evolving. I view him as a magnificent human being, and I am grateful to have him as my president.

Tobi Wilde

Santa Fe

Truth and meaning

I have, until his recent Monday column, considered Milan Simonich a talented journalist who believes in and works at reporting facts. The column (“Liberal vets murder the truth in attack on Trump,” Aug. 13) distorts the facts. I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. I volunteered to serve as one of three U.S. Air Force public information officers in Vietnam in 1964-65. I did not literally take the place of any person who received a deferment. But I did take the place of anyone like Donald Trump who received a deferment. The Simonich column fails to distinguish between a literal interpretation by Simonich and a figurative assertion by VoteVets.com. In my experience and in my opinion, Simonich owes them an apology.

Maynard Chapman

Santa Fe

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