Food service inspections, Oct. 8, 2018

October 8, 2018

For the period ending Oct. 4. To file a complaint, call the state Environment Department at 827-1840. Most noted violations were corrected during the inspections.

ALBERTSONS, 4520 Zafarano Drive. Cited for employee phone on prep table

BULL RING, 150 Washington Ave. Cited for cooked potatoes stored on floor, bulk food containers not labeled.

CAPITAL HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA, 4851 Paseo del Sur. Cited for ice accumulation in freezers.

CHAPARRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 2451 Avenida de Chaparral. Cited for problem with freezer condensation line, exhaust hood not functioning properly.

CRACKIN’ CRAB (formerly J & N Thai Bistro). 604 N. Guadalupe St. Cited for spray hoses inside wash sink.

KRISPY KREME, 3297 Cerrillos Road. Cited for employee drink in prep area with no lid or straw, lack of soap at hand sink, lack of sanitizer in wash bucket and sink, grease buildup on doughnut machine, crockpot used to heat food, employee failed to wash hands before putting on new pair of gloves, sanitizer stored on top of food, no mesh screen on drive-thru window, sink not sealed to wall, problems with doughnut machine, food containers not labeled, wet wash cloth not in sanitizer bucket, lack of sanitizer test strips, lack of proper air gap for hoses in sink, standing water, dishes washed in dump sink, drain line lacking proper air gap, broken tiles near floor drain, no designated area for employee items.

LOKO MIX, 4250 Cerrillos Road. Cited for particle accumulation on ice machine, sanitizer not at proper concentration, lack of sanitation test strips, light bulbs out.

LONE BUTTE GENERAL STORE, 3815 N.M. 14. Cited for employee drinks near tamale display, soda can in hand sink, lack of hand-wash signage, egg rolls in temperature danger zone (repeat violation), problems with saran wrap box, ice pooling on freezer floor (repeat violation), metal shaving on steam table door frame, lack of sanitizer test strips, grease on sides of pans, no covered receptacle for sanitary napkins.

SABOR PERUANO, 163 Paseo de Peralta. Cited for sanitizer bucket in hand sink, cases of raw eggs stored next to pineapple, some food items not dated, QUAT test strips not available.

STARBUCKS (SMITH’S), 2010 S. Pacheco. Cited for low sanitizer levels, utensils improperly stored, mineral buildup on ice machine, dust and dirt buildup in high-low areas.

SWEETWATER HARVEST KITCHEN, 1512 Pacheco St. Cited for employee preparing salad not wearing gloves, raw eggs stored next to salad, cooked chicken improperly stored, some foods not cooled properly, stained cutting boards, raw chicken and other foods stored improperly, lack of chlorine test strips, dirty walls behind dishwasher, no protective shield for light bulb.

TIBET TABLE, 3003 S. St. Francis Drive. Cited for improper sanitizer mixture, improper food temperature in refrigerator, wet wash cloth out of sanitizer bucket, dry wall not painted, no HACCP plan for reduced oxygen garlic water.

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