1950 Sewickley Halloween parade was one to remember

November 14, 2018

In the news this week 68 years ago:

• A front page story described one of the “longest, most colorful Hallowe’en parades seen in many a year.” The parade down Broad Street was led by Whitney Snyder, dressed in a cap and duster and driving his 1901 Simplex car to match, with king and queen of the parade, Al Bruno and Lois Cook, riding in the back.

• Costumed residents lined the streets to watch the festivities, including “Colonial ladies, a mummy, an organ grinder and ‘monkey’, maids with mops and may other odd characters too numerous to mention.” Also popular were “Men from Mars with antenna sticking up from their metal caps,” “a futuristic citizen enveloped in silver paper,” and folks dressed up as Old Gold and Lucky Strike cigarette packages.

• A fire that broke out in the furnace room of the Sewickley elementary school on Broad Street was quickly extinguished with little material damage by the school’s sprinkler system. It was thought that the fire was started by a cigarette butt.

• “This is the week for the long, involved editorial about elections, voting and duty as citizens,” Herald editors wrote. “But we are not going to bore you, just urge you to vote.”

• Giant Eagle advertised Heinz baked beans, 3 cans/$.43; Campbell’s tomato soup, 10 cans/$.99; and pork roast, $.39/lb.

• Dr. Alfred W. Beattie, Alleghey County Superintendent of Schools, gave a talk on trends in modern education at the Sewickley Parent Teacher Association’s meeting.

He focused on the reorganization of school districts, then a topic of interest to much of the county while most municipalities were funding and running their own schools.

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