Democrats target Pennsylvania cell phones for mid-term elections

August 17, 2018

That text you don’t recognize on your cell phone just might be the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC boasted Wednesday that it has acquired 3 million new cell phone numbers in Pennsylvania in anticipation of tough battles in the upcoming mid-term elections. The numbers were part of 94 million additional cell phone numbers nationwide the party has added to its voter files.

“The DNC acquired the cell phone number of every registered voter across the country for whom a cell phone was commercially available,” party officials announced in a statement touting their investment in the state that gave Donald Trump a 1.2 percent edge over Hillary Clinton in 2016 presidential election.

Reaching out by cell phone was a big part of the party’s strategy in Alabama, where Democrat Doug Jones bested Republican Roy Moore in a hotly contested special election this year.

The party used the numbers to reach out to every registered African American voter in Alabama to share their polling place and encourage them to vote.

Pennsylvania voters, many of whom are still struggling to sort out the court-ordered congressional redistricting plan that took effect this spring, might welcome that kind of help on Nov. 6.

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