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Woman Bites Pit Bull, Saves Terrier

June 16, 2001

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ A 73-year-old woman saved her young Scottish terrier by biting an attacking pit bull.

Margaret Hargrove was out for an evening stroll with her 9-month-old dog, Alex, when the pit bull in a nearby yard began to eye the terrier then attacked, clamping its jaws around the terrier’s head.

Hargrove tried but couldn’t pry the pit bull’s jaws loose.

``I could see my dog dying right there,″ Hargrove told the Tallahassee Democrat in a story published Friday.

Hargrove said she got on her knees and bit the pit bull in the back of the neck.

``She just went: ’Yip!‴ Hargrove said. ``I never thought I’d be biting a dog.″

The pit bull let go of the smaller dog and backed off, then bared its teeth at Hargrove, who bit the dog again.

A neighbor with baseball bat arrived to scare off the pit bull.

Hargrove needed four stitches in her arm. Her dog also needed stitches to close wounds and suffered bruised eye.

``He’s not moving around much,″ Hargrove told the newspaper. ``I didn’t realize how scary it was until it was over. Another two minutes and my dog would have been dead.″

Marc Hicks, the pit bull’s owner, said he thinks some neighborhood kids may have left his gate open and allowed the dog, named Holly, to escape.

``I guess she’s got a streak of wildness toward strange dogs,″ he said. ``If I’d been out there with a shotgun and seen my dog running at (Hargrove) or her dog, I would have called one time and shot her down myself.″

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