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Finnish authorities ban whisky from expo name

October 13, 2014

HELSINKI (AP) — It’s a whisky trade fair. But it can’t say it is.

Authorities in Finland have ordered the “Beer and Whisky Expo Finland 2014” to change its name, arguing it violates Finland’s law against advertising liquor.

Organizers say next week’s event will now be called simply a beer expo, since advertising mild alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, is allowed.

Chief organizer Mikki Nyman said Monday the decision “smacks of typical patronizing attitudes” of bureaucrats.

Finland, known for its heavy drinkers, has a state-controlled alcohol monopoly.

Jarmo Oresmaa, inspector at the regional state administrative agency which gave permission for the event, said Monday the original name of the expo advertised the drinking of whisky, which is illegal.

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