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LTAB member’s challenge generates funds for 4-H camp


LAUGHLIN — Laughlin Town Advisory Board Member Niles Smith was willing to put his money where his mouth was — as long as someone else would join him.

At the May LTAB meeting at Laughlin Township Hall, Smith challenged Will Douglas, of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, during Douglas’ presentation.

Smith said he would pay in full for one youth to go to 4-H camp if Douglas could convince someone in the audience to pay as well. Douglas got two audience members and $1,350 now has been added to the fund to help the eight kids interested.

“Last year, costs were $250 per youth, and this year it has increased substantially to $450,” Douglas said.

Other camp donors included the Laughlin American Legion Post 60, which donated last year as well.

The LTAB voted 5-0 to table proposed changes to the transportation element of the Clark County Comprehensive Master Plan until May 28, when an in-person presentation could be conducted.

“A video conference does not compare in any way shape or form as an in person,” board member James Maniaci said.

Per the vote’s request, an in-person meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on May 28 at the Regional Government Center with a representative of the Clark County Comprehensive Planning Department.

Some street changes included reducing road width on Casino Drive and increasing the width of an un-named road between Needles Highway and the proposed third bridge — a bridge location LTAB voted against last December.

“I am very concerned about reducing road widths as there may be places where 100 feet is desired or justified,” Maniaci said. “This board also requested that the money that was allocated to that (bridge road) get reallocated (to other projects). Therefore, there is no reason to even put a road in there. If you were going to remove a designation, that would be the one to remove.”

A transportation element is a planning document and not a capital improvement plan, meaning there is no set date of when streets would be added or changed in the Laughlin community.

Nevada Revised Statutes require Clark County to have these elements to determine current and future roadway designations, alignments, and classifications.

“Adoption of the transportation element in no way guarantees that any of the roadway alignments will be built in a certain period of time,” Comprehensive Planning Director Nancy Amundsen said. “It does provide guidance so that proposed development does not infringe or impact any proposed roadway system, width, or design.”

The Indian Springs Town Advisory Board and ​Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council had the same agenda item on their boards last week.

Also on the agenda was a use permit review for Harrah’s Laughlin Casino & Hotel for hosting temporary outdoor commercial events for longer than 10 days and allow outdoor entertainment to go beyond daytime on its beach.

LTAB voted 3-2 to approve, adding a clause stating that within one year of the application review that the applicant agrees for community and safety concerns to build its part of the Laughlin River Walk.

Maniaci moved the motion and Smith seconded it. Gina Mackey joined them in voting for it. Opposed were Kathleen Whitehead and Kathy Ochs.

“I believed we cannot make a motion on an agenda item and add an additional legal requirement,” Ochs said. “I believe it should go up to Clark County staff for resolution.”

Under general business, the board voted 5-0 in favor of the recommended allocation of $800,000 of Fort Mohave Valley Development Funds for water and sewage consultant engineering.

This loan will be paid back from private owners along the south of Casino Drive after the Special Improvement District is created.

The next regularly scheduled LTAB meeting is on June 11 at 1:30 p.m.

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