Solar array plans suspended for Vermont farmers market

May 9, 2019

NORWICH, Vt. (AP) — A solar technology company has halted plans to install solar panels at a Vermont farmers market.

Norwich Farmers Market member-vendors had voted 28-2 to host solar panels if Norwich Solar Technologies acquired the necessary permits.

Most panels would have been installed atop vendor booths and in the parking lot, providing power to the market and the electrical grid.

Officials for Norwich Solar told the Valley News Wednesday the decision to move forward lies with the property’s owner, the Co-Op Food Stores, who leases to the farmer’s market.

The Co-Op’s director of public relations says there are no plans for the foreseeable future.

A general manager of the Co-Op told the paper last month the project would limit use of the property for the next 25 years and could involve a potentially large investment.