New Florence crockpot business aims to save families money, time

November 18, 2018
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Corey Fowler knows that families are constantly on the run. That’s why she started Convenient Crockpot Creations.

FLORENCE, S.C. — Corey Fowler knows that families are constantly on the run.

Busy days, late nights at work and crazy afternoons running the kids around can make preparing dinner very difficult, according to Fowler. That’s why she started Convenient Crockpot Creations.

Fowler said the idea began when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She was a school teacher and decided to prepare a bunch of meals ahead of time for her family to make things easier in preparing dinner.

“It was just a way for us to kind of get by through the first couple of months,” Fowler said. “They came in so handy, I started inviting a few friends over to do crockpot meals together. It started out with around five girls, and after a few months, it became about 16 girls in my kitchen. I decided to start staying home, and one of my friends told me that I should try to make a business out of this.

“It just took off from there.”

Fowler said she started doing classes in homes, and in January of 2016, she decided to open her own shop at 1310 Celebration Blvd. The shop is located in the Fire It Up shopping center on the back of the building.

“I started looking at a restaurant-type space, but I soon realized that’s not what I really needed,” Fowler said. “I started talking to friends, and someone found out about this building. I met with the owner, and he’s wonderful. I just decided that this would be a great location, because it was the perfect size, and Celebration gets a lot of traffic. It’s pretty central to Florence, and a lot of people know this area.”

The shop offers chances for people to attend “freezer meal prep parties.” Fowler said she posts dates for classes at different times throughout a month — along with the menu for each month — on the company’s Facebook page. There, people have the chance to sign up for the class they’d like to attend.

Fowler said she also does keto-friendly meals once a month and has hosted several other classes, including salad jars, grill meals, soup and chili, kids’ classes and much more.

Occasionally, Fowler hosts drop-in parties where people can come in and pick a few meals they want instead of preparing 10 meals from the regular menu.

Two of the favorite items have been the Zesty Italian Pot Roast and the French Dip, she said.

“I think that women are generally very busy, and anything that helps at nighttime to make things go smoother can be a great tool for them,” Fowler said. “All you have to do is put it in the crockpot, turn it on and make a couple of sides and it’s done. It’s an affordable option, and I think it really does help with the busyness of their lives. It’s great for busy moms, but it is also great for the working woman who doesn’t get home until later in the evening. I also have had some college kids who come, because it allows them to save money instead of eating out.”

Fowler said the business allows families to spend more time together.

“I’ve heard a lot of women say that before they came to the classes, they were eating out all the time,” Fowler said. “Now, they get to sit down and enjoy a meal with their family, because it’s already been prepared ahead of time.”

Outside of work, Fowler said she enjoys spending time with her two children and family, working out and leading a Bible study for mothers at her shop.

For more information, join Convenient Crockpot Creations’ Facebook group or visit convenientcrockpot.wixsite.com/cccflorence. One can also contact the business at 513-277-1432.

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