J. Ojers: Postal frustrations

January 29, 2019

Editor: I had to put my two cents in after reading the letter to editor (Sunday, Jan. 27) by Jennifer Anderson about postal service. I have had several problems with mail delivery in just the last five weeks. I received my government SSA form in December, but my husband’s didn’t arrive. I was concerned as we always get both of ours at same time. I waited a week, thinking it would arrive. I phoned the post office and was told they would check the held mail. Guess it was found in office as we received it next day.

At the end of December, I put a birthday card out with red flag up. Later in day received call from neighbor saying that she had found my outgoing birthday card in with her mail.

Last week, a neighbor that lives up the street came over with five pieces of my mail, and two of those were bills. What was funny is on the same day I received two pieces of mail. Thank goodness he was home and not gone on vacation.

Was talking with girl at bank telling her about the mail problem and she said, she lives in my area and same thing is happening with her, she gets other people’s mail, or someone gets her mail. Same thing happens with my neighbor next door and neighbor across the street. One day I found one piece of my neighbor’s mail on the ground. Good thing it wasn’t a windy day; who knows where that would end up.

J. Ojers

Lake Havasu City

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