Tech Needles offers computer and cell phone repair, lessons, more

December 28, 2018

NEEDLES — Tech Needles, established in January of 2004, has now opened its doors at 800 W. Broadway, Suite D, in Needles.

The new business offers computer repair for both PC and Macintosh platforms; cellular telephone repair; and a variety of computer services and courses, including web design.

Owner Hansel Boyd looks to offer managed services to businesses and residents in Needles plus computer classes with certifications for those who enroll. Boyd said he was willing, “to help anyone to learn new technology for cheap.”

Boyd got into the computer business by accident, he explained. Laid off by an employer he purchased a computer to search for jobs on line. The computer’s power supply blew out and, with money tight, he attempted to fix it himself. He was unsuccessful.

“I took it to a local computer teacher who held classes for seniors,” Boyd remembered. The teacher got the machine fixed but took an interest in Boyd, who he asked to help move furniture from one office to another, paying him with computer desktops, laptops and accessories.

“On the weekend I’d sell them,” Boyd said. “The people would also bring me non-working computers to fix, assuming I could. The teacher was throwing away computer books so I asked if I could have them. I read books on Apple, Microsoft and Linux and also learned HTML (hpertext markup language, a standard for creating web pages and applications).

“YouTube did not exist then, or at least was not widely used. It took me 30 days to complete those books and I used my new knowledge to repair the PCs and Macs that people would drop off. I put an advertising sign on my lawn, the phone started ringing and I was in business.”

Tech Needles is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days a week; closed on Sundays. Call 760-903-4034.

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