Health care isn’t a free-for-all -- Bob Hunt

February 8, 2019

Saturday’s paper had letters about socialism and a columnist writing about the Starbucks billionaire possibly running for president in 2020.

The issue is about how to pay for health care and education. Starbucks pays toward its employees health care and college education. What about businesses and employers who don’t? What about the small independent businesses?

A friend who has a dog grooming service simply loves this job yet has to work another job to get health insurance. So she works a third-shift job for health insurance. Her husband’s insurance at his job does not cover the needs of a family with two young children.

Most employers and the health care system fail to provide the basic needs of people and families. This does not mean health care should be free. Medicare requires a premium for Plan B and co-pays.

Gov. Tony Evers, when addressing a free tuition proposal at Wisconsin universities, said students should pay a part or at least have some “skin in the game.” It’s not about a free-for-all.

It’s about government guaranteeing people have adequate, affordable health care and education to live day to day and pursue the American dream. It’s something long overdue, and time to get it done.

Bob Hunt, Lodi

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