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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Lauren Hutton is on the mend after last October's motorcycle crash near Las Vegas.

Hutton crashed while on a 100-mile ride with other celebrities, including Dennis Hopper and Jeremy Irons.

``My friends all thought I was going to die. They all thought I was dead. You can tell by people looking at you in a way that no one's ever looked at you. I knew it was bad,'' the 57-year-old actress-model told The Associated Press.

Her right leg was broken into pieces and is now held together by titanium rods and screws. Her right arm is also held together by metal.

``If I ride again, I will never ride again if I have a bad feeling,'' she said. ``I felt bad about it from the beginning and I knew something was off and I just shouldn't have gone. I'll listen to my instincts a little more.''

Hutton credits her friends, including riding buddies Irons and Laurence Fishburne, with getting her through the tough times.