Braves sixth. Nick Markakis walks. Johan Camargo grounds out to first base to Derek Dietrich. Nick Markakis to second. Charlie Culberson grounds out to shallow infield, Pablo Lopez to Derek Dietrich. Tyler Flowers singles to left field, advances to 2nd. Nick Markakis scores. Dansby Swanson is intentionally walked. Rio Ruiz pinch-hitting for Kevin Gausman. Rio Ruiz walks. Dansby Swanson to second. Tyler Flowers to third. Ronald Acuna flies out to deep right field to Rafael Ortega.

1 run, 1 hit, 0 errors, 3 left on. Braves 1, Marlins 0.

Braves eighth. Charlie Culberson singles to shallow center field. Tyler Flowers hit by pitch. Charlie Culberson to second. Dansby Swanson out on a sacrifice bunt to shallow infield, Brian Anderson to Starlin Castro. Tyler Flowers to second. Charlie Culberson to third. Ozzie Albies pinch-hitting for Dan Winkler. Ozzie Albies walks. Ronald Acuna reaches on a fielder's choice to shallow infield. Ozzie Albies to third. Tyler Flowers scores. Charlie Culberson scores. Throwing error by Derek Dietrich. With Ender Inciarte batting, Ronald Acuna steals second. Ender Inciarte out on a sacrifice fly to left field to Austin Dean. Ronald Acuna to third. Ozzie Albies scores. Freddie Freeman strikes out swinging.

3 runs, 1 hit, 1 error, 1 left on. Braves 4, Marlins 0.