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Report Chinese Jumbo Jet Engine Caught Fire, Made Emergency Landing

August 20, 1985

PEKING (AP) _ An engine of a Chinese Boeing 747 caught fire during a flight from the United Arab Emirates to West Germany this month, forcing the plane to return to its origin after dumping 16 tons of fuel, a Chinese newspaper reported Tuesday.

Sixteen minutes after the jumbo jet took off from Sharjah on its way to Frankfurt on Aug. 9, the crew noticed flames shooting from the jumbo jet’s number 4 engine, the Peking Evening News reported. The plane belonged to the state-owned Civil Aviation Administration of China airline.

Co-pilot Luo Dailang immediately ordered power to the engine shut off and readied fire extinguishers, the newspaper said.

″Faced with this situation, the crew did not panic in any way,″ it said.

Pilot Xiang Yangye contacted the control tower at Sharjah and decided to return for an emergency landing, the report said. The plane was carrying 279 Chinese and foreign passengers at the time, the newspaper said. It did not say how many crew members were aboard.

The plane, belonging to China’s Civil Aviation Administration, ditched 16.5 tons of fuel to avoid fire or explosion and landed safely at Sharjah 57 minutes after takeoff, according to the report.

Airline spokesman Li Sulin, reached by telephone, said he had no information about the incident.

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