KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) _ Hutu rebels opened fire on a camp for displaced Rwandans, killing 20 people and wounding 42 before storming a nearby jail and freeing dozens of Hutu inmates, a news agency reported Tuesday.

The victims _ both Hutus and Tutsis _ were at a camp in Kinigi, 50 miles northwest of Kigali, the capital, the Rwanda News Agency reported. The area has been the scene of rebel attacks and army reprisals that have left thousands dead.

About 100 Hutu rebels, among those fighting to overthrow Rwanda's Tutsi-led government, entered the camp Sunday.

The 29 inmates freed by the rebels were accused in Rwanda's 1994 Hutu-organized genocide that ended when a Tutsi-led government gained power.

Thousands of people have been killed in Rwanda since more than 1 million Hutus returned from exile in 1996. Authorities say the rebels, many of whom were responsible for the Hutu-organized slaughter of 500,000 Tutsis, live among the refugees.