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Top Danish Military Official, 8 Others Killed in Plane Crash

August 3, 1996

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) _ A Danish air force jet carrying the head of the country’s armed forces crashed on approach at the Faeroe Islands’ foggy airport Saturday, killing all nine people on board, the army said.

Adm. Hans Joergen Garde was making his first official visit to the islands since being named chief of staff April 1. Also killed were his wife, Anne, three aides and four crew members, said Sgt. Peter Grona, an army spokesman.

All nine bodies were recovered from the crash site and put on a navy vessel to be returned home, Grona said.

Garde, 57, was the chief of the Danish navy prior to becoming chief of all Danish armed forces.

The Faeroes are 18 semi-independent Danish islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland.

The Gulfstream jet burst into flames after crashing into a mountain near the islands’ Vagar airport, on the southern Faeroese island of Vaagoe. It had taken off from the Keflavik airport outside the Icelandic capital, Reykyavik.

According to the Danish navy’s headquarters in Torshavn, the islands’ capital, visibility at Vagar airport was poor due to fog. The airport is often closed because of fog that blankets the north Atlantic islands.

The cause of the accident was not immediately known.

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