MILWAUKEE (AP) _ French chef Paul Bocuse laughs at the notion of fat-free cooking.

``Our duty is to be cooks, not doctors,'' Bocuse said. ``If you want that kind of cooking, you go to a hospital or clinic.''

People watching their weight don't have to go without, they just have to be tough.

``Good cuisine has never made anybody fat,'' Bocuse said Friday. ``It's a question of discipline _ you don't help yourself twice and after you've had a good dinner or lunch, you fast a little.''

Bocuse, 71, still cooks, but spends most of his time supervising culinary disciples.

``Mr. Ferrari did not screw the bolts in his own cars,'' he said.

The future of food looks extremely good to the veteran chef.

``In 1942, I was told we'd be eating pills in the year 2000. We're on the eve of that year, and we're still eating real food,'' Bocuse said. ``Cuisine has never been so good. There have never been so many great restaurants with great food, and I think it will be the same in the next century.''