Gov. Walker bad for the environment -- William H. Tishler

August 8, 2018

The Trump administration recently announced its decision to weaken President Barack Obama’s action to increase fuel efficiency that would lower global warming from auto emissions.

Nineteen states have agreed to fight this unfortunate move. Unfortunately, Wisconsin was not one of them.

Our governor seems to have a reckless disregard for energy efficiency. He has demonstrated this with his move to cut back on high-speed rail, stopping the use of biofuel at a new UW heating plant, permitting a higher speed limit, and other draconian measures.

He also has backed other anti-environmental policies including: easing environmental regulations for business projects, cutting funding for important natural resources programs, exempting Foxconn from some waterway and wetlands protection requirements, relaxing iron mining limitations, eliminating the ability of counties to enact stricter zoning to protect shorelines, and making future pipeline expansion by Enbridge easier.

In the past, Wisconsin has had an enviable environmental record. Now, significant aspects of this heritage have been compromised.

Our state deserves an enlightened governor who is more concerned about our future than playing to the partisan politics of short-sighted lobbying. Remember this when he comes up for re-election.

William H. Tishler, Fitchburg, emeritus professor of landscape architecture, UW-Madison

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