Susquehanna County Court Notes 1/18/2019

January 18, 2019


■ Hubert Blatnik, 907 Hud­son St., Forest City; letters testamentary to Gloria Grablutz, 829 Delaware St., Forest City.

■ June Skasko, 930 Viaduct St., Lanesboro; letters testamentary to Tracy Haley, 102 Wolcott St., Great Bend.

■ Angelo Petriello, 650 Dunn Pond Road, Thompson; letters testamentary to Angela Petriello, 558 Decatur St., Brooklyn.


■ Dale Russell and Sally Viall, both of Binghamton, N.Y.


■ Michael and Barbara Dovin to James and Patricia Garrison, a property in Choconut Twp. for $90,000.

■ Cartus Financial Corp. to David Graham, a property in Hallstead for $67,000.

■ Joan Hine, et. al. to Adams CATV Inc., a property in Jackson Twp. for $118,500.

■ Laura and Patrick Kipar to Louise Hicks and Ginger Shad­duck, a property in Auburn Twp. for $170,000.

■ QL Cottage Inc. to Patrick Spring, a property in Silver Lake Twp. for $380,000.

■ Joanne and William Bowers to Christine Monahan, a property in Herrick Twp. for $55,000.

■ Joseph and Shannon Lewis to Jeremy Shiptoski, a property in Oakland Twp. for $105,000.

■ Charles and Cathy Brink to Brett and Michelle Pritchard, a property in Clifford Twp. for $120,000.

■ Eleanor Benvenuto to Richard and Ann Brunori, a property in Herrick Twp. for $43,000.

■ Stephen Mazikewich and Keliann Jones to Jason Buchan­on, a property in Susquehanna for $76,000.

■ Fannie Mae to Chad Kuwaye, a property in Silver Lake Twp. for $144,160.

■ John and Theresa Ludwig to Shane and Danelle Decker, a property in New Milford Twp. for $225,000.

■ Bank of New York to Jenni­fer Jones, a property in New Milford Twp. for $202,125.

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