Senate committee should seek truth -- David W. Cole

September 22, 2018

If the Senate Judiciary Committee seeks the truth in the Brett Kavanaugh matter, why does it not seek corroborating witnesses of the alleged assault? Why do the committee members not employ the FBI, as they did in the case of Anita Hill?

How much extra time would more witnesses take? A day? Two? Could an expedited FBI inquiry be completed in a week? Two? Surely a week or two is small in view of a lifetime appointment.

Some senators rightly sympathize with Judge Kavanaugh for his ordeal, one from which he will never be quite free. But I cannot imagine anyone frivolously bringing down on herself and her family the ordeal that Christine Blasey Ford will also experience, as Anita Hill has, for the rest of her life. Does this voluntary sacrifice guarantee her honesty?

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani declared that “the truth is not the truth.” Presidential spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway implied that “alternative facts” are as good as reality. But the law rests on the truth — real truth. If the cynical view of Giuliani and Conway prevails, the rule of law is worthless and we are all at risk.

Of all the committees of the U.S. Senate, the Judiciary Committee should understand that, and act accordingly.

David W. Cole, Baraboo

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