Briew Dude: Jan. 11, 2019

January 12, 2019

We all saw what happened last weekend. I almost don’t want to go into the details.

I actually was out of town for most of Sunday afternoon as the Chicago Bears played their first playoff game in about 10 years and missed almost all of the game. That wasn’t my choice, but being a dad of a toddler comes with its own costs and rewards.

I got home just in time to watch the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, which was just enough time to watch the Philadelphia Eagles storm down the field for a touchdown and feel the season was finished. Then, heroically and improbably, Tarik Cohen returns the ball to almost midfield, and Mitchell Trusbisky commands the clock effectively and places our up-and-down special teams in a prime position to seal the victory.

It seems fated now the kicker, who hit the post four times in one game, snuck the first field goal through just after a last millisecond timeout was taken by the Eagles to ice our beleaguered kicker, Cody Parkey.

With 10 seconds left on the clock on a windless afternoon in Chicago, Parkey strolls back up to the kicking position for the last time of the 2018 season with four “doinks” playing in everyone’s mind watching this game and puts a respectable kick up into the air to be ever so slightly tipped at the line of scrimmage and bounce, not once but twice, off the uprights and just as improbably jump, not over the goal but out of it, on the crossbar to the great consternation of Chicago Bears fans in attendance and everywhere else.

I was one of these Bears fans, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Neither could the fine folks of Goose Island Beer Company. The very next day, they offered a challenge to those within driving distance to come to the brewery on Fulton Street in Chicago’s Brewing District and kick the field goal themselves.

The social media people at Goose Island were tracking a lot of the Twitter chatter around Chicagoland and were noticing a lot of angry fans saying they would’ve been able to make such an easy kick.

In a brief but ferocious Twitter thread, the sketch of an idea emerged that Goose Island would construct an upright and invite beer drinkers across the area to try their skills for a chance to win free trip to a 2019 NFL regular season game (airfare and lodging included) if they’re able to make the necessary field goal from the fated 43 yards away.

Those who make the 43-yard field goal will be put into a winner’s circle and will be given the opportunity to make a 65-yard field goal, breaking the world record for the longest field goal. The 65-yard field goal prize is a trip for two people to 2019 Super Bowl. Airfare and lodging included.

“In light of the Chicago Bears’ devastating loss this past Sunday and losing their chance at the Super Bowl, Goose Island is stepping up to give fans the opportunity to ‘kick’ away their frustration for a chance to win a free trip to an NFL game if they can make a 43-yard field goal! It’s all going (Bear) down this Saturday outside the Goose Island Taproom, 1800 W. Fulton. St., where they are currently building a goalpost,” said Erin Fisher on behalf of Goose Island Beer Company.

Official rules were posted via a photo on Goose Island’s main Twitter account, scrawled on a white board. They are as follows:

• Must be 21 or older

• 1 kick per person

• 43-yard field goal

• 12 p.m. sign-up (spots are limited)

• 1 p.m. Saturday kickoff at 1800 W. Fulton St, Chicago

• Winner must pick up prize at Fulton Street brewery — no exceptions

• All Goose referee calls are final

Seems simple enough. I hope I get a chance to kick, but I am in it for a fantastically fun afternoon of couch potatoes and armchair quarterbacks, such as myself, getting their shot at glory.

As soon as I heard this news, I texted as many people as I knew mad at what happened to see if they would be interested in putting their “money” where their mouth was and take the kick themselves.

Nik White, of Chicago Beer Geeks, said at his advanced age, he would tear an ACL if he did it. I replied there is no better reason to incur such an injury than the chance at local glory and free beer. Then, I told him to get his crutches ready because one of us is going to need them. I know I will take the kick if given the chance.

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