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Lousiana Voters Speak Out

February 7, 1996

How they voted _ and why _ in Louisiana’s GOP caucuses:

_ Fred Champion of Broussard, who voted for an independent slate of delegates:

``I want to see how things filter out. I’d like to be able to send a message. I’m not enthused about any of them.″


James Racca, of Iowa, who voted for Phil Gramm:

``I just liked him. He’s independent. I like the things he said. The things he said he’d do are the things we need done in this country.″


Diane Smith of Metairie, who voted for an independent slate of delegates:

``It took me 50 minutes to get through this line but I stayed because I think it is my responsibility. The conservative vote is getting too strong and the moderate voice needs to be heard.″


D.J. LeJeune, of Iowa, who voted for Pat Buchanan:

``I’m going to vote for one of the ones who came _ Buchanan. I heard him when he was in Lake Charles. He sounds like a level-headed person, and, believe me, we could use that.″


Bea Seeber of Metairie, who left without voting:

``The line is too long. I’m not going to stand in line to vote for a delegate. They didn’t plan for a large turnout. There should have been better planning.″

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